Liav Orgad

Office: Villino, VL037

Fields of interest: Constitutional identity, international jurisprudence, citizenship theory, global migration, and law & technology

Administrative Assistant: Valentina Bettin

Project Manager

Elena Cau

Tel. [+39] 055 4685 – 831

Office: Villa Schifanoia, VS024

Research Associates

Émilien Fargues

Fields of interest: Citizenship, migration, citizenship revocation

Federico Tomasello

Fields of interest: Political theory, history of citizenship, citizenship and labour, history of political thought, political violence

Wessel Reijers

Fields of interest: Philosophy of Technology, Ethics of Technology, Citizenship, Governance, Blockchain Technology

Visiting Fellows

Primavera De Filippi

Fields of interest: Blockchain Technology, Law, Participatory Decision-making, Governance

Visiting Researchers

Ashley Mantha-Hollands

Fields of interest: Political Theory, Cititzenship Theory, Public Policy, Theories of Attachment

Johanna Hase

Fields of interest: Constitutional Identity, Citizenship Theories, Global Migration, Integration

Former Research Associates

Jean-Thomas Arrighi

Fields of interest: nationalism, territorial politics, comparative politics, migration and citizenship

Jules Lepoutre

Fields of interest: Citizenship and Governance in the European Union, European Nationality


Asif Efrat

Fields of interest: international relations, international law, transnational crime

Robert Schuman Fellows

Ruud Koopmans

Fields of interest: Immigration and Integration Policies, Ethnic Inequality and Ethno-cultural Conflicts, Religious Fundamentalism