Jean-Thomas Arrighi

    Fields of interest: nationalism, territorial politics, comparative politics, migration and citizenship

    Jean-Thomas Arrighi joined the ‘Global Citizenship Governance’ research group in September 2018 and is a research associate at the Robert Schuman Centre of the European University Institute. His current research deals with citizenship trends and determinants in a broad comparative perspective.

    Jean-Thomas is an adjunct professor in politics at the universities of Neuchâtel and Lucerne (Switzerland). He holds a PhD and an MRes in Social and Political Sciences from the EUI (2012). Between 2012 and 2015, he was the coordinator of the EUDO-CITIZENSHIP Observatory (now GLOBALCIT).

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    List of recent publications:

    Jean-Thomas Arrighi and Dejan Stjepanovic (Eds.). (Forthcoming, May 2019). Where borders migrate: Territorial rescaling and citizenship in Europe. Special Issue. Ethnopolitics. 

    Jean-Thomas Arrighi and Dejan Stjepanovic (2019). Introduction: The Rescaling of Territory and Citizenship in Europe. Ethnopolitics.

    Jean-Thomas Arrighi (2019). ‘The people, year zero’: Secessionism and citizenship in Scotland and Catalonia. Ethnopolitics.

    Samuel Schmid, Lorenzo Piccoli, and Jean-Thomas Arrighi (2019). Non-universal suffrage: Measuring electoral inclusion in contemporary democracies. European Political Science.

    Jean-Thomas Arrighi and Jean-Michel Lafleur. (2019). Where and why can expatriates vote in regional elections? A comparative analysis of regional electoral practices in Europe and North America.  Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 45(4), 517-538.

    Jean-Thomas Arrighi and Lorenzo Piccoli. (2018). Index on citizenship law in Swiss cantons: Conceptualisation, measurement, aggregation. NCCR on the move Working Papers. Neuchâtel: Université de Neuchâtel.

    Jean-Thomas Arrighi. (2018). The political participation of mobile EU citizens in France. GLOBALCIT Country Reports on Political Participation. San Domenico di Fiesole: European University Institute.