Urban Citizenship Debate

Cities vs States: Should Urban Citizenship be Emancipated from Nationality?

This forum is a collaboration with the Global Citizenship Governance programme and the The Cities, Mobility and Membership Research Collaborative.

Published Working Paper

Bauböck, Rainer and Orgad, Liav (Eds.) (2020): Cities vs States: Should Urban Citizenship be Emancipated from Nationality? EUI Working Paper RSCAS 2020/16. 

Forum contributions are edited by Rainer Bauböck and Liav Orgad


Cities vs States: Should Urban Citizenship be Emancipated from Nationality?, kickoff contribution by Rainer Bauböck

Thinking Like a City, Thinking Like a State, by Avner de Shalit

City-zenship and national citizenship: complementary and competing but not emancipated from each other, by Nir Barak

Urban Citizenship Threatens Democratic Equality, by Patti Tamara Lenard

What’s the Added Value of Legalising City-zenship?, by Josephine van Zeben

Urban Citizenship is About Improving the City – not Just About Letting Foreigners Vote, by Warren Magnusson

Urban Citizenship: A Path to Migrant Inclusion, by Harald Bauder

‘Zombie Urbanism’ and the Search for New Sources of Solidarity, by Sandra Seubert

From De Facto Urban Citizenship to Open Borders , by Monica W. Varsanyi

Mean cities: the dark side of urban citizenship , by Enrico Gargiulo and Lorenzo Piccoli

Local or Urban Citizenship? , by Johanna Hase

The ‘Sunk Cost’ of Local Citizenship, by Maarten Prak

What the Bremen Town Musicians Tell Us about Citizenship’s Potential, by Luicy Pedroza

The Danger Zone: Charter Cities, Citizenship, and Social Justice, by Margaret Kohn

Climate Citizenship and the Rural/Urban Divide, by Avigail Eisenberg

Local Citizenship Needs Local Sovereignty, by Alexander T. Aleinikoff

The Next Step: Coupling City-zenship to Human Rights, by Barbara Oomen

Urban Agglomeration, Constitutional Silence, by Ran Hirschl

Urban Citizenship – a Status or a Practice?, by Helmut Philipp Aust

Urban Citizenship’ in a Multipolar World, by Stephen Minas

Does Urban Citizenship Promote Inclusion for the Poor, Sick, and Outcast?, by Willem Maas

Citizenship Federalism and the Ambiguous Promise of Local Citizenship, by Kenneth Stahl

A Political Promise or a Hollow Hope?, by Liav Orgad