Eurozenship Debate

Eurozenship: Pro and Contra

Published Working Paper

Orgad, Liav and Lepoutre, Jules (2019). Should EU Citizenship Be Disentangled from Member State Nationality? Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Research Paper No. RSCAS 2019/24. 


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The Case Against an Autonomous ‘EU Rump Citizenship’, by Daniel Thym

If You Want to Make EU Citizenship More Inclusive You Have to Reform Nationality Laws, by Rainer Bauböck

Let Third-Country Nationals Become Citizens of their Host Member State and the European Union, by Eva Ersbøll

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On the Risk of Trying to Kill “Seven at a Blow”, by Jean-Thomas Arrighi

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More Suffocating Bonds?! Conceptual and Legal Flaws of the Unnecessary Proposal, by Dimitry Kochenov

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Member State and EU Citizenships Should be Strengthened Rather than Disentangled, by Willem Maas

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EU Citizenship Enigma Variations, Mushrooming Historical Time and Emancipation, by Dora Kostakopoulou