Global Giving

Responsibility is a core concept in political philosophy, yet its meaning has remained complex. This project analyzes philosophical, psychological, historical, and legal perspectives on global individual responsibility in a system of “Global Giving”.

Philosophically, the project will develop normative justifications for holding individuals responsible for global challenges. From a social-psychological perspective, it will examine factors that may encourage individual responsibility and explore the connection between government competence and individual responsibility. Historically, the project will identify successful and failed cases of individuals assuming responsibility for global challenges. Legally, the project will analyze to what extent (international) law regulates issues of individual responsibility and the legal implications of recognizing a concept of “global responsibility”. On the whole, the project develops a comprehensive understanding of individual responsibility in a global era.

The case study is the idea of a Blockchain-based global tax system wherein each participating person may donate a 0.001% of the yearly tax to some global causes (e.g., environment, poverty, refugees). The system, “Global Giving,” will be a voluntary pilot. Yet, as time passes, it may become mandatory in certain countries.



Liav Orgad